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#RezoPorMocoa Campaign Images
christopher rubey
Apr 27, 2017

#RezoPorMocoaâ €
Very recently, the people of Mocoa, Colombia were struck by a devastating landslide, and their current situation is dire. These images are being published with the #RezoPorMocoa campaign to help raise awareness of their current struggle, of what's at stake, as the government has completely abandoned the region, their access to food and water is running out and entire neighborhoods have been swept away by devastating floods. The people of Mocoa are in great need for outside support. If you'd like to contribute to the relief fund, you can make contributions via Paypal by sending money to or through direct bank deposits. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to email us first for more information.â €
#PrayForMocoaâ €
.â €
Familia Yaiguaje 2â €
The granddaughter of Taita Juan plays around the kitchen as her mother cooks on their farm in the jungle in Mocoa.â €
.â €
4/9/15 - #Mocoa #Putumayo #Colombiaâ €
Shot on #NikonD800â €
.â €
#family #portrait #baby #Amazon #jungle #farm #photojournalism #documentary #indigenous #sciona #dailylife #street #yaiguaje

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